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6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty

Siemens Modular PLC
Payment Method:
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram
Modle Number:
12 Months
Varies By Model
1 Piece
100% Brand



Siemens Automated Processor


Product Description:

 The Modular PLC is designed to provide the highest levels of system flexibility, allowing for easy scalability and integration with other automation components. The Modular PLC features a modularized design, allowing for upgrades and expansion with minimal disruption to existing systems. The Modular PLC is available in a variety of configurations, ranging from basic to complex. The model number of the Siemens Modular PLC is 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0, and the weight of the product varies by model. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 1 piece and it is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality. With its modularized design, Siemens Modular PLCs are the ideal solution for any automation application.

Product Name 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty MOQ 1 Piece
Quality Original
Origin France
Order Time 3 Workdays
Shipping Terms FedEx or DHL
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, , T/T, Money Gram
Delivery Time 10 Workdays
Warranty 12 Months


  • Product Name: Siemens Modular PLC
  • Quality: 100% Brand
  • Weight: Varies By Model
  • Modle Number: 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0
  • Origin: Germany
  • Color: Blak
  • Features: Siemens Programmable Automation, Siemens Modularized Automation, Siemens Automated Processor


The Siemens Modular PLC is a reliable and sophisticated industrial automation and control product that is used for a wide variety of industrial applications. The 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 model is an optimal choice for customers looking for the highest performance and reliability in an industrial controller. This Siemens product is made in Germany and is recognized as one of the most reliable and robust industrial controllers available. 

The Siemens Modular PLC has a minimum order quantity of one unit and a price range of USD499-1199. It comes with a brand new original packaging and delivery time of 10 working days. The payment terms accepted include L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, and Money Gram. With its origin in Germany and a weight varying by model, the 6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0  is 100% brand and comes in black color. 



Siemens Modular PLC
  • Brand Name: Siemens
  • Model Number:6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1
  • Price: USD499-1199
  • Packaging Details: New Original Packaging
  • Delivery Time: 10 work days
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram

Siemens Modular PLC offers customizable programmable logic controller and programmable automation solutions. With its highly reliable and robust design, this modular PLC is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. It is equipped with a minimum of 1 module, and can be expanded up to 100 modules depending on your application. The Siemens Modular PLC is designed to work in different conditions and temperature ranges. It also features a 12 month warranty, and is available in black color.


Packing and Shipping:

Siemens Modular PLC packaging and shipping:

  • Product is securely fastened to the shipping pallet.
  • Pallet is shrink-wrapped for additional protection.
  • Shipping label is attached to the pallet.
  • Pallet is loaded onto the truck.
  • Product is delivered to the customer.
6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty


Q1: Do you have the testing equipment and how can you guarantee the quality of the parts?

We have a full set of testing equipment. We assure you all of our products are new original and unopened. The used parts will be 100% strictly tested by our engineers before they are sent out. We can offer you the testing video. At the same time, We provide you 3 months guarantee for used and 1 YEAR warranty for new.

Q2: How about the packing when they are sent out?

1.In order to save the freight and reduce your budget, we choose the packaging for environment-friendly. We use foam board with 3cm thick to fill in all around the box inside to protect parts, then use carton to pack the parts, but if they are too heavy, we will customized the wooden box for them.

Q3:How about your inventory? And how long is the delivery time?

We are a supplier of the most complete parts in China. There are more than 10,000 pieces of parts in stock available. We’ll arrange the delivery after you order. Warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Q4: Which payment method and Express can you accept?

1: Payment: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram
2: Express: FedEx or DHL

Q5: How about the after services and technical?

1.We offer 24 hours online customer service for you. The technical support and guidance are free. You can also borrow our products for free when you become our customer.



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6SL3120-2TE21-0AD0 Siemens Automated Processor with 12 Months Warranty

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