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FDNP-L0808H-TT Turck Industrial Automation System

Turck PLC
Payment Method:
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram
6 Kg
100% Brand
1 Piece
Modle Number:

Product Description:


Turck is a brand that is well-known for its quality and reliability in providing automated process units, programmable automation systems, automated control systems, and industrial automation solutions. The Turck PLC is one of the best-in-class products in the automation industry, with 100% brand new quality and 6  kg weight. It can meet all the needs of industrial automation and is available in MOQ of 1 piece. With its advanced features and efficient performance, it has become the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Turck PLC is designed to provide superior reliability and maximum flexibility for a wide range of industrial automation tasks. It offers excellent compatibility with other Turck automation products, and its advanced programming capabilities allow users to customize the system according to their specific requirements. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to operate the system, and the built-in safety features ensure maximum safety and reliability. 

Turck PLC is the perfect solution for any industrial automation requirement, offering superior performance and reliability. With its advanced features, intuitive user interface, and extensive range of accessories, it is the ideal choice for any industrial automation task.





  • Product Name: Turck PLC
  • Type: Programmable Logic Controller
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Condition: NEW
  • Model Number: FDNP-L0808H-TT
  • Color: Black
  • Specialities: Turck Microprocessor Control Unit, Turck Automation System Design

FDNP-L0808H-TT Turck  Industrial Automation SystemFDNP-L0808H-TT Turck  Industrial Automation SystemFDNP-L0808H-TT Turck  Industrial Automation SystemFDNP-L0808H-TT Turck  Industrial Automation System


Technical Parameters:


Attribute Details
Condition NEW
Weight 6 Kg
Quality 100% Brand
Brand Turck
MOQ 1 Piece
Model Number FDNP-L0808H-TT
Type Turck Industrial Control System, Turck Industrial Automation System, Turck Industrial Automation System Solutions
Color Black





Turck PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) manufactured by Germany-based Turck, with the model number FDNP-L0808H-TT. It is a reliable, high-performance automated control system designed for fast and easy integration into industrial networks. 

This Turck PLC is compact and reliable, and comes with advanced features such as a built-in real-time clock, integrated Ethernet port, and a wide range of analog and digital I/O expansion modules. It is capable of operating in extreme temperature environments and offers a range of communication protocols. It is also designed to meet the highest safety standards.

The Turck PLC is available in a minimum order quantity of 1 piece, with a price range of USD399-1099. It is 100% brand new and comes with New Original Packaging. It has a weight of 6 Kg. 





Introducing the top-of-the-line Turck Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), model FDNP-L0808H-TT. This PLC is proudly made in Germany and is known for its superior performance and reliability. This model features a black color, new original packaging, and a minimum order quantity of 1 piece.

The Turck PLC is designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective automation system design. It is capable of controlling a variety of applications and can be used for a variety of industrial processes. The PLC is designed to be easy to configure and program, making it a great choice for any automation project.

The Turck PLC is available at a price range of USD399-1099 and has a supply ability of 100 pieces. It can be ordered with a payment option of L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, or Money Gram, and will typically be delivered within 10 work days.

For a reliable and cost-effective automation system design, choose the Turck Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), model FDNP-L0808H-TT. Get yours today!





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FDNP-L0808H-TT Turck  Industrial Automation System

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