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FX5-8EYR Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device MOQ 1 Piece

Mitsubishi PLC
Payment Method:
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram
Modle Number:
Brand New
1 Piece
12 Months



Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device


Product Description:

Mitsubishi Automation Logic Controller, also known as Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Controller (PLC), is a reliable industrial automation product manufactured and originated from Japan. With a minimum order quantity of 1 Piece, Mitsubishi PLC is designed and branded by Mitsubishi, and is backed by a 12 Months warranty. It is the perfect choice for industrial automation and has been widely used in various fields such as machine building, production, factory automation, and process control. With its reliable and high-performance control functions, Mitsubishi PLC helps customers to achieve faster, more efficient, and more reliable industrial automation.



Technical Parameters:

Attributes Details
Product Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device, Mitsubishi Automation Controller, Mitsubishi Automation Logic Device
Model Number FX5-8EYR
Quality Brand New
Type PLC
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Mitsubishi
MOQ 1 Piece
Origin Japan




Mitsubishi Programmable Controller (PLC) is a cost-effective automation logic controller which is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a well-known brand in Japan. Its model number is FX5-8EYR, and the minimum order quantity is 1 piece. It is provided with brand new original packaging, and the delivery time is within 10 workdays. The price range is from USD499 to USD1499. Payment terms include but not limited to L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, and Money Gram. There are 100 pieces of this product available for supply at any given time, and the quality is guaranteed to be brand new.

The Mitsubishi PLC can be used in various industrial automation applications, such as machine control, process control, factory automation, and building automation. It is widely adopted in the automobile, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, printing, and packaging industries. It is also an ideal solution for power plants, water treatment plants, and other industrial applications. This automation logic controller is designed to provide safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. It is highly reliable, easy to install and maintain, and allows for easy integration with other automation systems.

The Mitsubishi PLC is a top-of-the-line product which offers superior performance and accuracy while keeping the cost low. It is a reliable and cost-effective choice for any automation application. With its high quality, reliable performance, and affordable price, the Mitsubishi PLC is the perfect choice for any automation system.




Mitsubishi PLC Automation Controller

Brand Name: Mitsubishi

Model Number: FX5-8EYR

Place of Origin: Japan

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: USD499-1499

Packaging Details: New Original Packaging

Delivery Time: 10 work days

Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram


  • The Mitsubishi PLC Automation Controller is designed for use in industrial applications.
  • It is a fully programmable logic controller for precise automation control.
  • The controller is designed to be used in a variety of applications and is suitable for a wide range of industries.



Packing and Shipping:

Mitsubishi PLC Packaging and Shipping:

Mitsubishi PLC products are packaged with anti-static material to protect against static electricity. The product is shipped in a sealed box with a protective foam packing material. The box is then sealed and labeled with the Mitsubishi PLC logo. The product is then placed in a box or carton for shipping. The box or carton is then sealed, labeled, and shipped to the customer.

FX5-8EYR Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device MOQ 1 PieceFX5-8EYR Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device MOQ 1 PieceFX5-8EYR Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device MOQ 1 Piece




Q1:Product quality?

All products from the original factory with brand new . authentic products , supporting traceability to the source.


1. Price: Our products are ordered directly from ABB and BASLER factories and we keep a certain inventory. Please confirm with us the inventory and the latest price before purchasing (the price of products in industrial control industry fluctuates greatly). If you cannot find the exact model in our Ali store (the online store cannot cover all models of countless industrial products), please contact our customer service and tell us the detailed model. We will try our best to meet your requirements. 2. Warranty and Return policy: All products will be returned within one month from the date of shipment. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem or product failure (not man-made), we will accept return and warranty.

Q3:We have not cooperation before , how we can believe you ?

For our first order , you can pay after we prepare the goods.

Q4:Other supplier have a better price than yours.

To create more benefit fir clients"is our belief, if you have a better price , please let know , we will try best to meet your price and support you.



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As the product inventory will change every day, pls consult whether there is inventory before placing an order.
Regarding the price of the product, it depends on the quantity purchased ,pls consult before placing an order.
Due to the large variety of product models, it is being updated gradually.
For more details and information, please contact us

FX5-8EYR Mitsubishi Programmable Automation Device MOQ 1 Piece

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