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6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions

Siemens Modular PLC
Payment Method:
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram
Modle Number:
Varies By Model
1 Piece
12 Months
100% Brand

Product Description:

Siemens Modular Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 is the perfect choice for automation applications. It is designed and manufactured by Siemens, a renowned German brand, and is renowned for its high reliability and performance. It features a wide range of functions and is suitable for a range of applications, from small to large-scale projects. The Modular PLC is equipped with a powerful CPU, a large number of I/O modules, and a wide range of communication features. It is also highly programmable, offering users the flexibility to customize their projects.

The Siemens Modular PLC 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 comes in a sleek black color and comes with a 12-month warranty. It is easy to install and maintain, and it is also compatible with a number of different systems. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 1 piece, making it an ideal choice for automation projects. The Siemens Modular PLC is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of different applications.




  • Product Name: Siemens Modular PLC
  • Weight: Varies By Model
  • Origin: Germany
  • Model Number: 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0
  • Color: Black
  • MOQ: 1 Piece
  • Siemens Automated Processor
  • Siemens Programmable Automation
  • Siemens Industrial Automation

6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Origin Germany
Warranty 12 Months
Weight Varies By Model
Modle Number 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0
MOQ 1 Piece
Quality 100% Brand
Color Black
Technology Siemens Programmable Automation, Siemens Modularized PLC, Siemens Modularized Automation




Siemens Modular PLC, Model Number 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0, is a powerful and reliable automation processor from Germany. It is designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications and provides users with a flexible platform for developing, debugging and deploying industrial control systems. This versatile and modular Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is ideal for a wide range of applications, including automation, monitoring, control, and data acquisition.

The Siemens Modular PLC has an innovative modular design that allows it to be easily integrated into existing systems and networks, reducing the complexity of setup and installation. This PLC is designed to be easy to program and operate, making it a great choice for both experienced and new users. The Siemens Automated Processor (AP) is a powerful tool for controlling the various components of an industrial control system, such as sensors, magnets, relays, motors, switches, and other components. It also provides users with the capability to monitor and control their system remotely.

The Siemens Modular PLC, Model Number 6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0, is available in a black color and features a minimum order quantity of one piece. It is available at a competitive price range of USD499-1599 and is delivered within 10 work days. Payment options include L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Money Gram, and other payment methods. 



Packing and Shipping:

Siemens Modular PLC Packaging and Shipping:
The Siemens Modular PLC is delivered in a strong cardboard box, with foam inserts to secure the components. The box is labeled with the product name, model number, serial number, and the specifications of the product. The box also contains a manual with assembly instructions and a warranty card. The product is shipped via ground shipping with a tracking number.





1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: Manufacturer and Trading company. We can give you one-stop stat ion automation purchasing.

2:How to guarantee the quality of your products?

A: Products are from the original factory seal ed, we provide 12 months warranty for all products.

3.Q: Could you provide technology support?

A: We are in this field many year. If there s any problem, please contact us immediately, we I provide suggest ion from our professional engineer and the Manufacturer to help you solve problem.
4. Q: What warranty do you provide?

A: All parts we sell can be returned within 15 days from the date of shipment, but if the failure is caused by improper application and use, the user is responsible.

5. Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We support T/T, Paypal, WEST UNION, Money gram.

6.Q: We have not cooperation before, how we can believe you?
A: For our first order, you can pay after we prepare the goods.

7. Q:Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A: We keep lots of components in warehouse. You'll get reply in 0-4 hours. Experienced technical support team.



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6SL3210-1RE28-8UL0 Siemens Industrial Automation Black Automation Solutions

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